Posted by : milky kou Monday, October 24, 2016

Sometimes you just want to get something done quick, or maybe you need to get something done as efficiently as possible for a contest or display. Sometimes you need to rush while still maintaining that high quality finish you love. A simple way to remedy this is to paint parts on the sprue.

But wait you might ask, wont I need to clean up the parts after painting when I cut them out? To that I say that is a great question and you are not wrong. I only recommend doing a Primer coat only for this kind of method, and of a similar color of the material to help it along. You can then touch up primer with a small hand brush before Putting together or painting.

You can see the transition from grey to black with the primer while still on the sprue saving valuable primer

Now while spraying on the sprue can save time, there are other advantages to spraying on the sprue as well as disadvantages than doing one at a time. Pros -Fast coating of parts to prep for painting -Saves valuable primer to go farther -Primes harder to reach places than if parts were put together -Dries within 20 minutes in a flat even surface ready to cut and put together -consistent primer color across all parts -A easy spot to use a clip to hold the parts in the air leaving no part unpainted. Cons -Clean up required after cutting parts out of the sprue -excessive handling of parts when putting together can get rid of some primer requiring another coat of paint -Any plastic glue used to put parts together melts the paint and does not have as strong a bond -if primer is not coming out well you will have to redo the entire sprue after removing the primer There are alot of cons and pros to using this method, while not the best, it can lead up to quick results. However, there is another painting method that can do multiple parts at the same time and is more effective than this, and more efficient, but that will be another article.

What do you guys think? Think painting on the sprues is the way to go or do you paint each part separately? Let me know below.

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