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Its almost the end of the year and with it getting busy at this time of the year, I figure I might as well see what resolutions i had set last year and If i had managed to meet them for gunpla and art.


Get a Perfect grade Gundam

This was a surprise as I didnt expect to get one for a decent price as PG kits are still just as rare and almost as expensive as they were a few years ago. Luckily for me at ushicon 11 this year, I managed to snag not 1 but 2 PG kits. Not only that one of them the PG zaku II had actually been out of production for quite a long time and only recently got another production run. Well 2 PG down, 14 more to go. Now if only I could get the expansion sets of the zaku for a decent price, the light up beam hawk would be amazing to have.

Buy a new airbrush

It had been about 2 years since I had a good airbrush to use and I was wanting to get me a brand new one. Luckily I managed to get me a brand new neo Iwata airbrush for a good price, not only that, I also got my air compressor fixed to adjust the psi, though it is still limited. Now I can get to tackling all my kits to airbrush.

Customize paint a kit

This one did tie in with the airbrush, and I managed to fully customize my HG zeong that I got during ushicon t his year. It was quite an experience instead of just painting a kit its original color, also made things look quite great and once im fully done itll probably look even better. Just need to find some bearguy heads to help put the finished look together.

Get a resin kit

So this tied in to late last year start of this year, I wanted to get me a resin kit, and I did get one right after xmas so I guess it counts. I got me a Rockman zero resin kit that I am quite eager to start on him, however due to the way resin is, it scares me quite alot too. Not sure what will happen but Ill eventually get this taken care of.

Surprise goals

I had a couple of surprises this year that I did not expect nor were they goals I had planned but I feel i should mention them here.

My first display case

On top of that, I also finally got a display case for myself for displaying my kits, instead of just my bookcases. While initially it was a pain in the butt to put together since I had no one else to help, It was still worth it in the end. Now I just need to get several more to display all of my current kits.

Started collecting necrons

I always wanted to get into warhammer, but due to multiple issues with well the community and of course the pricing always made it hard for me to justify getting myself anything. Well for my Bday I decided to get me some necrons thanks to a few surprises as well as more paints. I will be building each and customizing the paints of them So i cant wait.

Missed Goals

So i missed a few goals this year that I wanted to get but thats ok!

New MG 2016 gundam kits

This year has been very slow for release of gundam kits. We have only had 2 this year, with a third on the way at the very end of the year. While its been slow, the quality has supposedly been very good this year with a 2.0 freedom, and 2 new Ver ka kits from the same series. The last time this happened was well, never, but its been a few years since we got 2 ver ka kits in the same year.

New compressor

I needed a new compressor with better air control and I have not gotten one this year due to pricing.

Have 20% of all MG kits

So we are getting close to 200 in terms of master grades released, My eventual goal was to get 1 of every gundam kit released, not necessarily multiple of the same kit (like the zakus or the rx-78 or unicorns) but at least 1 of each model. I am close at around 37 MG kits in my possession, but not enough. 

New Clippers

This is a goal that sort of came around the half way mark of the year to get a brand new set of dedicated clippers, This is not happening this year but my current set still works wonders I can use a new pair or 2 for my miniatures now including one for metal building kits.

New display cabinets and shelving

This is a kind of met goal in that I got me a display cabinet for my birthday, but I still do not have any shelving for holding the rest of my kits, so I did not meet this goa.

Well this was quite a year with lots of good times and bad times and the goals I managed to acheive. Maybe next years goals will be a bit easier to meet. 

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