Posted by : milky kou Sunday, January 1, 2017

So last year I did not make alot of my resolutions that I wanted to hit which is a shame. So this year I think I will cut down a bit on my resolutions this year.

Obtain more ver ka kits

Of all the kits I enjoy, the MG ver ka kits are by far my favorite and wit the psycho zaku coming out dec 2 2016 I figure I might as well get it. I enjoyed the HG that I built a few years ago and I cant wait to see how the MG turns out. Its also the very first zaku kit to get the ver ka treatment. 

Obtain at least 1 kotobukiya kit

Im not just limited to gundams, but I enjoy kotobukiya kits as well, though they are harder to come by and more priced but they are worth the price. I want to either get me a new metal gear kit, the xenoblade chronicles kit, or any of the zone of the enders kits. Any of them are fun, but they are also quite hard to find in stock due to their popularity and kotobukiya is not excellent on reprints.

Make a proper workstation

As some of you know when I put together kits, im always doing so at my computer desk. While this is great when im trying to talk to others, im also very limited on desk space and dont have room to work on the kits or even paint. I want to have my own dedicated desk for putting together kits, holding my tools, and paints.I already have plans for a paint rack holder but I need the desk to go with it. 

Grab another PG kit.

Pretty simple I want to get another PG kit. I did see the PG 00 raiser in a local store put together and that thing is massive, even the raiser ship is bigger than most MG kits. Though it is expensive. I may just get me a PG kit that im not a fan of because the price has come down substantially on the kit now. 

Display cases and or shelving

I just need more for putting up all the kits i have. 

Complete the beargguy army.

Im already well on my way to having the full beargguy army. Im just missing a few kits some of which are harder to find but once I have all the colors I can then start coloring my own like I did years ago. The harder ones being the magial girl beargguy and the first one made for build fighters beginning. I think this I can manage to do.

Watch at least 1 gundam anime

I need to start watching some more anime, I enjoyed the build fighters and unicorn movies, as well as thunderbolt, however I need to watch another series from start to finish to truly enjoy my kits. Im not sure what I will watch but we will see, though IBO is not on my list for a long time as it doesnt seem interesting to me at all after the first few ep.

Lets make this a great year!

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